How to take care of your clothes?

Read our top tips on how best to take care of your clothes to make sure they last for as long as possible: 

1. Think twice before washing your clothes! Washing garments too often can actually cause damage to the fibres and hence decrease the lifespan. If an item isn’t dirty but just needs freshening up, rather than slinging it in the wash bin, try hanging it outside or in a steamy bathroom to breath first. 

2. Wash at low temperatures. Wash clothes at a low temperature with a gentle and natural laundry detergent to keep the fabric clean and soft, and also to prevent colour fading.

3. Pay attention to the care labels! Pay careful attention to the instructions on the label, which advise you on the maximum recommended temperature an item should be washed at (rather than the recommended temperature).  Unless, that is, the label says dry clean only…

4. Wash inside out. An extra handy tip is to wash clothes inside out when machine washing, and to avoid overfilling, as this can cause friction and damage the fibres.

5. Store properly. Correct storage can really prolong the lifespan of a garment. Store all clothes in a cool and dry space to protect them from damp, sunlight, and heat, which can all cause damage. Make sure clothes are clean before storage, as dirt and surface debris can attract clothes moths.Try storing your knitwear with lavender or moth balls for added protection against clothes moths. It’s important to not overfill your wardrobe, as clothes need breathing space – this will also prevent wrinkling and colour loss from clothes rubbing together.